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Why do Congress leaders do 'man ki baat' individually?

After poor show in Bihar assembly elections, Congress party is completely divided in various small groups. Some of them are dissenters, others are supporters and a few ones are mute leaders. And every leader is blaming the other for the poor state of the party.Situation has reached to such an extent that agitated leaders are saying their 'man ki baat' individually because they seem to be frustrated and are not being heard. 

Drawing Room leaders are raising dissent voices  

It is being felt that leaders are worried about the dismal performance of the party in elections , but the problem is most of these leaders are not field leaders. They hardly have experience of ground realities. Many of them have lost the Lok Sabha election and in most of his career opted the Rajya Sabha route.Such leaders always calling the shots in the party. Some leaders like Kapil Sibal showed some courage by saying high command still will not do anything to regenerate the party. In the political circle Sibal outburst is being seen as the direct attack on the high  command of the Gandhis. One more senior leader Ghulam Nabi Aazad gave another explanation of the party's recent slump in the  elections."The problem with our leaders is that if they get a party ticket, they first book a five-star hotel. Even there they want a deluxe place. Then they will not move without an air-conditioned car. They will not go to places where there is an untarred road, he said. From parachuting outside in-charges to poor leadership from the top, many claims have been made about the reason for the party's dismal performance. Pointing  to local leaders of the party at block and district levels, Azad said that they have lost the connection with people.The moment someone gets a rank, they print their letterheads and visiting cards and think the job is done. But that is where the work begins," he added. 

Now listen to Salman Khurshid. He vehemently said that there is no leadership crisis in the party and an all-round support for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi is "apparent to anyone who is not blind". The leadership listens to me, I am given an opportunity, they (those criticising in the media) are given an opportunity, where does this thing come from that the leadership is not listening" he said and added that  he said he cannot disagree with Kapil Sibal and P. Chidambaram what they have said but asked why does anybody have to go out and tell the media and the world that "we need to do this".Khurshid is even satisfied with the arrangement of the interim president. The party has a president in Sonia Gandhi, though interim, which is not outside the Constitution, not unreasonable and not something the party "can't survive with", Khurshid said.

Leaders like Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary and Ashok Gehlot criticised Sibal for raising their voice in public. Chaudhary is LoP in the Lokasbha and Gehlot is the CM . Both leaders are taking media help in criticising their party coleagues but advising them not to raise dissent voice through media. Senior leader Kamal Nath opted to keep quiet on the issue. 

Ineffective high command led  to indiscipline  

Blame game is not new in Congress.After the party's rout in the Delhi polls, the knives were out in the Congress with leaders blaming each other and raising questions on whether the grand old party has outsourced the task of defeating the BJP to others.When the party lost in UP, then also the blame game history was repeated. Even in Madhya Pradesh when the Kamal Nath govt loses the majority, party leaders bring their knives out to defame each other. Congress lost the power to BJP in MP. In September this year, discomfort was seen in the Rajasthan unit of the Congress when Sachin Pilot raised a banner of revolt against the Ashok Gehlot govt. The blame game drama lasted for one month and after the high command intervention the warring groups came together. After the Rajasthan episode, 23 leaders of Congress raised their concern and urged the high command to take some solid steps. They were branded as "dissenters" after this. 

After every defeat the party high command set up a fact finding committee which submitted its report. but the high command never took any concrete decision on any of the report.Such indifferent attitude of the high command has forced many senior leaders to say goodby to the party. Former CM of Uttarakhand, Vijay Bahuguna,  former president, UPCC,Rita Bahuguna,  former union ministers Jyotiraditya Scindia and Mohsina Kidwai and hosts of MLAs in MP, Gujarat, Manipur, Goa and Karnataka also left the party in the recent years. Congress has no effective organisation in the states like UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In Nort- Eastern states the party is almost finished. And that is the reason during the election time party is forced to go for political aliance because it has no base in states. Even at the national level, Congress can not win the election at its own withount forging an alliance. Alliance has become a compulsion for the grand old party- the Congress. 

Bleak future  

One thing is certain that most of the leaders, particularly those having grassroot level grip, are feeling suffocated and want to revive the party. Experts see a bleak future for Congress in days to come. They said that the time has come the party should do away with the 'Gandhis' because Rahul and Priyanka have no neck to pull the party from the troubled water. Sonia Gandhi has health issues and old also. No other leader in the party is capable enough to sail through the organisation.BJP has also succeeded in setting the narrative that the family centric parties are more dangerous to democracy. Such parties give priorities to their family interest than to the nation. Now the time has come  that the Congress should start with 'zero' and regional leaders should be encouraged to re-energise the party in their respective states and who so ever emerged as fighter,will lead the party at  the national level.This is the only way out left before the party to make over though it will take time but this will be solid re start for a grand old party to involve more leaders from public, and do away the practice of  'puja' of a family.








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