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Journey of a Lost Train

A story is on circulation at social media about discovery of a lost train rake after more than four decades.

A train rake was discovered on 18 Dec 2019 lying at a small station, about 40 kms  of Tinsukia main. Railway records show that the train rake had reached there at 11:08 AM on 16 June 1976. As there was no place available along the platforms at the station, being very small station, the rake was placed at one of the disused sidings temporarily. The same day, at 11:31 AM, heavy rains and flooding took place. As came out, during that point of time the railway staff was totally involved in maintain traffic continuity, track repairs and tackling the immediate flooding problem, as almost the entire station was submerged under 5-8 feet of water., and the rake was forgotten. After things became normal, Station Master was moved out of station on posting as also some of the staff.

In the meantime, people forgot about this rake as it was about 2 kms from the main station, at a limb and in a deserted place. Slowly, the vegetation took over the entire area. The remnants of the track, which had not been washed away in the flood, soon appeared under bushes, shrubs and weeds. Wild animals, birds, reptiles found it an ideal home. Time went by, as most of the railway staff retired, transferred out or passed away, the train rake was forgotten.

On 5 Dec 2019, a satellite picture by one of the NASA satellites, which was mapping forest cover in the Asia-Africa region, captured somewhat obscure, hidden and not too clear picture of the rake under a thick forest canopy. Suspecting it to be the site of an Indian camouflaged ‘Rail mobile ICBM rake, the picture was forwarded to the Pentagon. Abnormal activity of a number of satellite over this area drew attention of ISRO, NTRO and Indian intelligence agencies. Meanwhile this news of finding ‘a secret Indian ICBM train’ started making rounds in international intelligence cicles and came to the knowledge of Indian intelligence agency as well, which got alarmed and started inquiring. From all Indian agencies, Be it Defence or Civilian, no record of placement of any such rake or train could be confirmed However, from aerial recce by IAF and ARC and pictures taken by Indian satellite, existence of a well camouflaged train rake was confirmed. Ultimately a ground party of Special Force was sent along with a Sr intelligence Officer from NSA’s office to the site.

And that is the story of Lost Train.


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