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All train services suspended till March 31 midnight

Indian Railways has decided to suspend all passenger train operations from Sunday midnight till midnight, 31st March.Railways Minister Piyush Goel announced the decision  to contain the COVID - 19 outbreak.A bare minimum level of suburban trains and Kolkata Metro rail services will continue till midnight.
Trains which began their journey prior to 4 AM this morning will be allowed to continue their journey. Goods train will continue to operate in order to ensure essential supplies across the country.The Railways Ministry has also offered full refunds to all passengers affected by train cancellations up to 21st March. 

According to reports Mumbai local train services will stop from Sunday midnight till March 31 in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus. However, BEST bus services will continue in the metropolis to facilitate movement of staff of the essential services, a state government official said.



Ultimately, GoI has allowed 50 per cent of its employees to work from home and the remaining to attend office every day. Its a big relief to staff.

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As per CAG report, crimes related to Environment are high in Rajasthan. The state govt failed to regulate tourists activities in reserve areas. 

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Limitations or guiding principles, are enshrined as fundamental duties in our constitution.

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